Candida symptoms are a bigger deal than you think.

Don’t underestimate candida symptoms and its ability to destroy your body.

Candida is more than a yeast infection.

I want to share with you 10 candida symptoms you may not recognize.

Most people I run into think if they don’t have white patches of thrush in their mouth and a vaginal yeast infection, then candida isn’t an issue for them. This couldn’t be further from the truth.

I’m realizing most people, even some doctors don’t recognize the candida symptoms, are unaware it is growing, and run a hampster wheel of trying this and that hoping to feel better.

Most candida growth starts in the bowels. Corn and peanut products are prevalent with aflatoxin, a toxic fungus. Think of all the corn products in the U.S. Corn is extremely popular in processed foods as corn syrup. Corn tortillas and chips are also common in our meals.

Consuming aflatoxin b1 in the food supply is one of the major causes of liver disease in countries such as China and Africa.  Aflatoxin is only one of the toxic molds that are food is contaminated with.

When Candida is overgrown in our bodies it can break down the intestinal wall and permeate the bloodstream. As long as you are feeding the candida (sugar) it can continue to grow and thrive, putting out mycotoxins while it reproduces.

A healthy body, eating fresh fruits and vegetables can keep the candida in check where it belongs. We run into problems when we consume too much sugar, eat mycotoxin filled foods, lose sleep, take antibiotics and in general don’t take care of our bodies as we should. Antibiotics might be great for bacterial infections but guys…antibiotics are made out of a mold. It’s very common for someone to have candida over growth from a course of antibiotics.

Antibiotics might be great for bacterial infections but guys…antibiotics are made out of a mold. It’s very common for someone to have candida overgrowth from a course of antibiotics.

Candida symptoms can mimic many other diseases.

Let’s take a look at some of the symptoms you may not recognize:

Horrible Fatigue. Looking back over my life I can clearly see when my yeast was high, it was a struggle to just keep up with regular life. I was constantly exhausted and life seemed to rush on by without me.

Gas and Bloating. So you don’t want to look pregnant when you are not? Who knew! Candida can swell up any belly (think beer gut) and make you feel like someone blew you up with an air compressor.

Brain Fog. This was probably my worst candida symptom. How miserable to be in the middle of a thought and completely lose it. Like it floated away and I couldn’t even finish the end of my sentence. Ever stop at a green light? Be shopping in a store and suddenly not know why you were there, or worse yet…feel like you are floating and not really there!

Memory Loss. My poor husband had to put up with my bad memory. Who knew the candida was poisoning my brain. I even forgot how to count money one time while I was at a register paying for groceries.

Migraines. I have many articles on migraines and have done hours…days of research on this topic. Migraines had me completely disabled, unable to get off the couch and have stolen so much of my life.

Muscle/Joint Aches and Pains. Candida can cause swollen muscles and joints (think fibromyalgia). Interesting how most people with fibromyalgia feel so much better after trying out a candida elimination plan.

Severe Depression. This is more than feeling down or having a bad day. We are talking a constant dark cloud that keeps you from living your life and enjoying your family and friends. Thank you Candida symptoms for destroying my life…said no one ever.

Panic Attacks. Panic attacks are scary, being unable to take control of your thoughts and your body. Toxins from candida and poison your nervous system resulting in hyperventilation and constant nervous system stress. (Think fight or flight)

Sugar Cravings. Don’t make the candida mad…your sugar cravings will be through the roof. It’s a whole body craving that’s hard to explain. A deep down ache for sugar/carbs that physically moves you…to tears. That Candida needs you to eat sugar to stay alive and will do anything to get it. I have even seen reports of candida dropping peoples blood sugar so you have to eat sugar. Yikes!

High Histamine (Histamine Intolerance). Candida raises histamine, it’s that simple. When histamine is high your body reacts to everything like it has an allergy. seasonal allergies, perfume allergy, chemical sensitivity, food allergies…I could go on and on. High histamine is something I have written a lot about and it can bring about its own symptoms of migraines, mental panic, dizziness, rapid heartbeat.

If you can relate to some of these candida symptoms…(there are tons more not mentioned) you’re probably wondering how you can beat this.

First and foremost, cleaning up your food is a top priority. Scarfing down peanut butter and sugar/carbs will only feed the fungus making things worse. Fresh fruits, vegetables, and fresh meats are the way to go.

You will see an improvement by reducing your meals down to only fruits, vegetables, and fresh meats. This means no processed foods of any kind. No sugar and no grains. This isn’t something to do forever, just temporarily for a few weeks and take inventory of your symptoms. Have they reduced? Are you feeling more energetic? Is your head clearer?

It doesn’t take long to have dramatic results with candida. You simply have to be aware it is there and outsmart it.

There are herbal antifungals that can help speed the process along. These are affiliate links to products we have personally used and love. A few of my favorites are:

You can see big changes by just adjusting your food. These herbs just add an extra punch to killing that candida.

For a more comprehensive guide to killing candida, I highly recommend The Ultimate Candida Diet Program, How to Beat your Candida and Restore your Health.

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Always work with your doctor when you change your meals or take any supplements. I’m sharing my story with you to give you hope. You are responsible for making your own health decisions for your body.

You can kill off candida.

You can stop sugar cravings.



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