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How to Lower Histamine Levels

How to lower Histamine levels My personal journey in living with Histamine Intolerance I've been living with histamine intolerance for most of my life but have only recognized what was going on in the last few years. It's been a crazy journey of doctor's shaking their...

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What No One Tells You About Drinking Water

Do you know what's in your drinking water? Polluted drinking water is being found all over the U.S. The Environmental Working Group analysis of 20 million tap water quality tests found a total of 316 contaminants -- including industrial solvents, weed killers,...

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What Your Cravings Actually Mean

Cravings are strong urges to eat certain foods. ABOUT OUR CRAVINGS Cravings are a wake-up call that something is out of balance, whether it may be in your food choices or your lifestyle. As much as we try to curb our cravings, they’re actually fine to have as they...

“The Problem Is We Aren’t Eating Food Anymore, We Are Eating Food-Like Products. “-Alejandro Junger

Are You Histamine Intolerant?

Do you feel like you are allergic to everything? Are rashes, migraines, bloating and fatigue part of your regular life? This article has been a long time coming for me. Histamine Intolerance is a complex issue that is not black and white. It has a lot of gray areas...
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Top 5 Causes of Migraines

Millions of people suffer from migraine headaches.  Migraines are the number one reason for ER visits in the US.  I suffered for years with weekly debilitating migraines. Who has time for blurry vision, nausea, pulsating pain, stiff neck, confusion and sensitivity to...
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The Best Decision You Can Make For Your Health

  What's the Best Decision you can make for your health? What's the number one thing you would do to get healthy? I get asked these questions a lot, too often. From personal experience I know how it feels to throw your time and money into the next big craze...
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32 Healthy Habits to Change Your Life

Every person on the planet wants to be healthy. Everyone desires to feel full of life and energy. So why are some people healthy and other people not? One thing I have noticed is healthy people create healthy habits. A healthy habit is not something new you decide to...
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Can You Reverse Cavities?

Have you ever wondered why broken bones can mend but your teeth can't? How about why you can brush and floss regularly and still get cavities? How about those cultures that don't even have tooth brushes but still have amazing teeth? The photo below is provided by the...
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