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  • A Foundation in Gut Health
  • Recipes for Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner
  • Prebiotic Snack Ideas
  • Options for Vegans
  • Create your own Probiotic Foods and Drinks
  • Tips for Detox and Stress Relief

All meals and recipes include probiotic or prebiotic foods to help recolonize the gut. You can get a head start on your health and lay a foundation for your future by taking care of your gut today.

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How to Lower Histamine Levels

How to lower Histamine levels My personal journey in living with Histamine Intolerance I've been living with histamine intolerance for most of my life but have only recognized what was going on in the last few years. It's been a crazy journey of doctor's shaking their...

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Circadian Rhythm and Your Health

Can Circadian Rhythm answer your health problems? The environment you choose to live in affects your brain and your weight. Researchers put mice through 10 weeks in 20-hour light-dark cycles, instead of their natural 24-hour circadian rhythm cycle. After six weeks,...

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How to Be Successful in Changing What You Eat

You can be successful in changing what you eat. Making changes in what you eat can seem overwhelming. I remember years ago, after several ER visits, I decided I needed to make some changes in what I ate but it literally seemed impossible. Everywhere I looked, all I...

“The Problem Is We Aren’t Eating Food Anymore, We Are Eating Food-Like Products. “-Alejandro Junger

4 Reasons Why Your Health Isn’t Improving

We are all on a journey to improve our health. Some find it harder than others to create healthy habits and make changes but everyone wants to be healthy. How come some are succeeding and others are not? This is a pattern I see from my perspective of why your health...
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Are You Histamine Intolerant?

Do you feel like you are allergic to everything? Are rashes, migraines, bloating and fatigue part of your regular life? This article has been a long time coming for me. Histamine Intolerance is a complex issue that is not black and white. It has a lot of gray areas...
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Top 5 Benefits of Earthing

If you know me well, I hardly ever have shoes on. I just don't like wearing shoes! Come to find out there is a huge benefit to this! Think for thousands of years humans went barefoot, their feet standing right on the earth. We don't get much of this bare feet Earth...
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The Beginners Guide to Positive Thoughts

Do you spend much of your day worrying? Maybe you want to think positive thoughts but you're not sure how to start? Creating a new thought life doesn't come instantly. It took years for you to create a crappy thought life so you can't expect your thoughts to instantly...
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Fight Acne and Wrinkles with This Secret

Are you struggling with acne and wrinkles? It just doesn't seem right, shouldn't we at least trade the teenage acne in for dry wrinkled skin? I don't want either but having both just seems cruel. As a teenager, I struggled with horrible acne. I assumed when adulthood...
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