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  • A Foundation in Gut Health
  • Recipes for Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner
  • Prebiotic Snack Ideas
  • Options for Vegans
  • Create your own Probiotic Foods and Drinks
  • Tips for Detox and Stress Relief

All meals and recipes include probiotic or prebiotic foods to help recolonize the gut. You can get a head start on your health and lay a foundation for your future by taking care of your gut today.

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How to Lower Histamine Levels

How to lower Histamine levels My personal journey in living with Histamine Intolerance I've been living with histamine intolerance for most of my life but have only recognized what was going on in the last few years. It's been a crazy journey of doctor's shaking their...

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Berkey Water Filter Review

Here is my Berkey Water Filter review so you could see if it was the right choice for your family. I realized that I spend so much time preparing healthy food for our family and digging through recipes that I wasn't paying any attention to what was in our water...

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What Your Cravings Actually Mean

Cravings are strong urges to eat certain foods. ABOUT OUR CRAVINGS Cravings are a wake-up call that something is out of balance, whether it may be in your food choices or your lifestyle. As much as we try to curb our cravings, they’re actually fine to have as they...

“The Problem Is We Aren’t Eating Food Anymore, We Are Eating Food-Like Products. “-Alejandro Junger

8 Quick Strategies to Optimize Your Sleep

  Guest Post Submitted By John Porterfield, M.Ed., CHLC   I want you to get the best night’s sleep possible, and since at least fifty people have asked me, I decided to give you my best advice and put together these eight quick sleep strategies...   SOAK IN...
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Eat Alive and Stay Alive

We eat plants! Lots and lots of plants.  It didn't start out that way for us, it was a journey of discovery. Finding out that the plants that God made from the beginning contained what our bodies needed to thrive.  We have flipped and flopped through various diets. My...
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20 Guilt Free Snacks

Do you ever get tired of opening up the cupboards over and over to find the same foods? Need some new ideas on what is healthy to snack on? We have compiled a list of healthy snacks that you can eat without worrying about transfats, food dyes and other processed junk....
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Is Coffee Good for Me?

Coffee has a long history, dating as far back as the 10th century. Ethiopia used coffee beans for medicinal purposes and even nicknamed it the "magical fruit".  Europeans quickly spread coffee all over the land as early as 1615. Coffee houses sprang up all over Europe...
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Niacin for Depression

What if you could take niacin for depression and see real results? 6.2 Million people in the United States struggle with depression and two-thirds of these people will not seek treatment. People with depression are four times more likely to have a heart attack...
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